Joachim Tantau
Joachim Tantau is a young artist and designer based in Hamburg, Germany.

Born in 1988 he has been creating furniture and architectural objects since very young age. What started as a hobby at his father’s workbench eventually became a vocation, leading him to opening his own studio in 2013.

His artistic repertoire spans a diverse range, encompassing architecture, furniture, sculpture, and exquisite objets d'art. In his work he merges contemporary design aesthetics with the timeless beauty of Sacred Geometry. The design for every unique piece he creates is hand drawn with compass and ruler and carefully executed in his studio using time-honoured techniques of fine cabinetmaking.

Joachim has also been selected by The King's Foundation School of Traditional Arts, London to teach his techniques and principles to aspiring artists and designers all over the world.

Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture and History of Architecture at the Leibniz University of Hanover, 2011.

Master of Arts at the King's Foundation School of Traditional Arts, London, 2013: Research into 3-dimensional geometric patterns (Muqarnas), history and symbolism of fountain houses in Europe and the Middle East.

Barakat Prize by HRH The Prince of Wales, 2013 for his MA Project which explores techniques and the symbolism of Muqarnas used in middle Eastern Architecture.

Joachim is a member of INTBAU, an international network of architects and designers dedicated to traditional and sustainable building.

INTBAU Excellence Award 2015 in the Category ‘Emerging Talent’
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